ISO Tank Container Leasing

PackLease represents EUROTAINER, the world's leading leasing company, in Israel for many years. This allows PackLease to offer its clients a wide range of ISO tank containers, with a variety of technical specifications, from standard specs that suit many materials, to tank containers with exceptional and unique specs designed for hazardous materials such as ammonia, peroxide, etc.

A tank container is a portable tank with a standard sized frame similar to a standard container. The frame's inner space contains a reinforced tank that is used for liquid and gas handling and storage – mostly raw materials used for chemicals, food, oils, cryogenics, etc.

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The dedicated iso-tanks PackLease provides for the food industry are never used for handling of non-food-grade materials. A tank container is a mid-sized container. It is smaller than a bulk carrier that handles thousands of liters, and larger than an intermediate bulk container (IBC) that can handle only hundreds of liters.

ISO tank container leasing is required when the need arises to adapt the container's technical specification to a specific material, or for ongoing material handling between the raw material supplier and the end-user (dedicated traffic).

Small Portable Tanks

In addition, PackLease offers, via EUROTAINER, small tanks known as SPT – Small Portable Tanks, in variety of different volumes, between 400 – 5000 liters. These special tanks are also used for transport and storage of liquid raw-materials and gases, same as isotanks, but in small quantities, according to their variable volume.


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