Load Securement

Often, after containerizing, spaces of various sizes are created between unit-loads. As a result, pallets or unit-loads may move inside the container and cause damage to the contained goods.

In addition, the cargo may move towards the doors of the container, which can potentially cause a severe safety issue – the cargo will "lean" on the doors, causing pressure that may harm the operations personnel as they open the doors.

Cargo Securing Solutions for Container Loads

As awareness for environmental sustainability and environmental regulations continues to grow, a wide area of expertise has developed, which provides professional solutions for cargo securement inside containers. These solutions prevent unit-loads from shifting and moving during the journey overseas, which sometimes takes several weeks.

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PackLease is the exclusive representative of Bates Cargo Pak, which specializes in the manufacturing of inflatable airbags from paper, plastic and woven polypropylene. Aside from utilizing some of the most advanced technology for manufacturing, the company makes sure to use only materials that can be recycled and reused.

These airbags can withstand heavy loads and pressures applied to the cargo throughout the journey overseas, without dependence on container location on the ship, or pressure types.

The use of Bates’ airbags is very user-friendly, due to their small weight and a one-direction valve that can be adjusted in accordance with the operator's best judgement, thereby allowing the operator to generate inflation even when the space between the unit-loads is very narrow.

After inflation, the airbags fill the spaces between the unit-loads, and prevent their movement inside the container. They even operate as shock absorbers.

Load Securement Systems

These systems are mostly used for strapping and securing of heavy cargo, such as: sacks filled with chemical fertilizers, oil barrels, heavy machinery, and more.

How Do You Select the Right Load Securement System?

PackLease has the ability to match every client with the load securement system that fits its needs. The system is selected based on criteria that include cargo type, cargo weight, level of friction, etc.

Load securement is not just a batch of straps of various widths. They include adaptors, fastening buckles, edge-protectors and additional accessories that complement the straps and create an entire system.

PackLease is the exclusive representative of several brands in the SIGNODE GROUP, which develops quick and easy-to-use securement systems that allow operators to invest minimal time and achieve optimal results to prevent cargo shifting during maritime journey.

For example, load securement systems come with straps with fixed lengths that remove the need for operators to calculate the necessary strap length and cut the straps accordingly. This saves precious time and prevents the waste of expensive equipment as a result of incorrect calculations.

Another example involves straps that come with a ratchet that is used to achieve the desirable stretching and final 'locking', in order to avoid the loosening of the securement system throughout the journey.

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